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BBC Podcast Explores DNA Testing

What is a DNA test, and does it ‘work’? Why might someone want to test their DNA, and what will they find out? Previously unknown cousins and relatives? Skeletons in the cupboard? Possibly all of the above…

The rise in popularity of DNA testing is undeniable, thanks in large part to ITV’s Long Lost Family, of which Ariel and her team are lead researchers. ‘The Curious Cases of Rutherford and Fry’ is one of the flagship podcasts on the new BBC Sounds platform, and they have chosen the subject of DNA Testing for their opening episode.

Whether you’re trying to trace a missing family member or explore family traits and hereditary illnesses, a quick and easy DNA test can give you a wealth of information in just a few weeks.

Listen to the Podcast by clicking here.


Ariel and her team use DNA analysis to find family connections and to trace missing family members in ways that would previously have been impossible without DNA testing. Many of the Long Lost Family cases were cracked using DNA, so it’s no wonder the popularity of testing is on the rise.

If you want to know more about professional DNA testing then you can contact to chat to the team.

DNA Testing On Corrie Cast Equal Great TV!

Last night (Weds 5th Sept) ITV1 aired a one off special programme in which members of the Coronation Street cast explored their histories through the means of DNA research. Following on from the huge success of ‘Long Lost Family’ we were treated to the actors submitting their DNA to an increasingly popular DNA testing site, with some very interesting results. Radio Times called the show “…a mash-up of Who Do You Think You Are? and Long Lost Family with a Corrie twist. Think of it as Who the ’Eck Do You Think You’ve Lost?” You can watch the episode on ITV Hub – Click Here.

Ariel Bruce and her team regularly use DNA to trace family members, investigate DNA links and to contact possible relatives. You can expect DNA testing to feature much more in the national conscience in the next few years.

“…a mash-up of Who Do You Think You Are? and Long Lost Family with a Corrie twist. Think of it as Who the ’Eck Do You Think You’ve Lost?”

How it works:

Following in the footsteps of the Corrie stars, potential DNA testers can submit a saliva sample to any of the DNA testing sites by post and then create an online account to access their results. On the website you can see your DNA matches, build a family tree and contact potential relatives. It’s amazing what DNA investigation can unearth, as we found out during the show, as Corrie stars & long term friends Sally Ann Matthews & Amanda Barrie turned out to be cousins! Cast member Liam Bairstow also found out that he was related to King Edward I of England.

Twitter reaction:

With #CoronationStreetDNA trending around the country last night, it is clear the nation was enthralled by the programme. Many took to Twitter to express their joy at during the shoe, with lots having more questions about the DNA aspect. Is the UK just waking up to the possibilities unlocked by DNA testing?

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Either way the use of DNA to create tense and emotional viewing is just beginning. With a new series of Long Lost Family in the pipeline, and other DNA related programmes too, you can certainly expect more.

Long Lost Family Episode 2 Preview

With Episode 1 of ITV’s award winning Long Last Family breaking boundaries last week with their youngest ever searchers, episode two is set to push the envelope even more. With the first transgender search in the show’s history about to air on Tuesday night at 9pm, emotions around the country are set to run even higher.

Francesca Barnes was born Paul and adopted at 6 months old. After beginning her transition two years ago, Francesca began to wonder about her own birth mother. Like most people Francesca had little idea where to start, so contacted the Long Lost Family team for some expert advice.


Step in Ariel Bruce and Charlotte Bruce Lloyd, who were able to track down Norma, now 64 and living in Southampton. Through careful intermediary work mother and daughter were reunited. Francesca was afraid of not being accepted due to her transition, adding another dimension to the show’s usual emotional roller coaster. However, when Norma says that she is happy to have “gained a daughter” there isn’t a dry eye in the country, let alone the house!

Episode 2 of Long Lost Family will air on Tuesday 24th July at 9pm on ITV1. You can catch up on last week’s episode on the ITV Hub (click here).

Long Lost Family Series 8 Premiere Dates

Long Lost Family, the award winning ITV1 show, will return to your screens on Tuesday 17th July at the prime time slot of 9pm. Presenters Davina McCall and Nicky Campbell return to help reunite families with missing relatives across the globe.

Series 8 will bring long standing viewers more of the emotional scenes that have become synonymous with the show, as well as some new elements such as the youngest ever search completed, and the first transgender story.

Episode 1, which airs tomorrow night (Tuesday 17th July) sees Pearse reunited with his long lost father Eddie in New York (via the magic of Facebook) and Christina discovering her family routes in Colombia. An international episode and a real tear jerker!

As as with Long Lost Family series 1 – 7, Ariel and her social work team undertook all of the search and intermediary work for series 8, tracing family members across the world and using complex detective work to unearth otherwise hidden family connections. Without this ‘behind the scenes’ work, the emotional on screen reunions would not be possible.

For more information on Long Lost Family series 8 you can head to

Kate Adie Awarded BAFTA Fellowship

OPSA Ambassador & friend of Ariel’s, Kate Adie CBE, was this week awarded the BAFTA Fellowship, the highest honour that can be bestowed on someone for their work in Film and Television.

Kate Adie has been a BBC journalist and correspondent for 40 years, best known for her fearless work reporting from war zones and covering the Iranian Embassy siege. Ariel was delighted to accompany Kate to the ceremony and watch her pick up the award.

Chair of Bafta Jane Lush said of Kate:

 “A truly ground-breaking news journalist, being one of a very small number of women working to report the news from hostile environments around the world. Throughout her career, she has brought audiences to the centre of the story by fearlessly reporting from the ground, whilst clearly and concisely explaining the complex issues to audiences at home. We are delighted to be celebrating her stellar career at this year’s ceremony; she is a true trailblazer and very deserving of the Fellowship Award.”

Kate & Ariel work together as an Ambassador & Trustee respectively for OPSA, the Overseas Plastic Surgery Appeal.  OPSA run medical camps for children and young people born with facial abnormalities in Pakistan. You can learn more about OPSA’s vital work by clicking on this link – OPSA Charity.


Long Lost Family Series 8 Update

Series 7 of Long Lost Family concluded back in September of last year with an emotional episode in keeping with the rest of the series. We rounded off another great series by reuniting Derek with his long lost little brother and by helping Ann, who was adopted at birth, to answer many of the questions she had carried around since childhood.

Derek and his half brother Julian’s meeting, after more than 70 years apart, was all the sweeter now that Julian is living in Philadelphia, USA. Julian made the three and a half thousand mile journey to meet his big brother in an East London pub close to where their mother lived during the war. They are very much a part of each other’s lives now, feeling a great sense of fulfilment and closeness after being reunited on the show.


Ann had always felt different from her adoptive family, often landing her in trouble at school. She knew she was adopted and 20 years ago set out to find her birth parents. With just a name, Ariel and the LLF team were able to track down Denise, Ann’s birth mother, as well as a half sister called Delina. Sadly, Denise had passed away three years ago, but reuniting Ann with her 4 half sisters helped to answer some of the questions she had grown up with.

Even before series 7 had wrapped, Ariel and her team were hard at work on the stories that will make up series 8. With many more long lost family members to reunite, the work never stops. There is no official release date for series eight yet, but you can be rest assured that it will be the same emotional rollercoaster you’ve come to know and love. Watch this space!

Long Lost Family: Episode 5

Episode 5 of ITV’s Long Lost Family is aired tonight at 9pm and tells an emotional tale of two adults who are searching for family members they only found out about recently. In the instance of Richard, searching for a long lost older brother, he was only made aware of his brother John’s existence a few years ago, after the death of their mother. She had given her first son up for adoption before meeting and marrying Richard’s father and subsequently having Richard.

Ariel and her team often work on cases such as this one; where an adult has found out late in life that their parents had a secret child that no one knew about. The urge to find a recently discovered sibling is a strong one, as we see from Richard’s determination in this episode.

You can read more about the episode here (Click Link) and can tune in to watch the drama unfold at 9pm on ITV1.

Catch up on all episodes so far on the ITV Hub – Click Link