Long Lost Family Press Release: ‘Born Without Trace’

Ariel Bruce and the Long Lost Family team are proud to bring you a one off special, ‘Long Lost Family: Born Without Trace’, which will air on ITV1 on Monday 25th February at 9pm. The one hour thirty minute special will follow the stories of three ‘foundling’ babies, now adults, as they seek to learn the story of their origins.

The right to origin has always been a founding cornerstone in Ariel’s search work, however, before the rise in private DNA databases like ‘AncestryDNA’ and ’23 & Me’, there were some cases that just could not be solved. These ‘foundling cases’ – babies left at hospitals & churches with no identifying information – had no paper trail or even a name with which to start a search, and therefore almost no chance of tracing their origins.

“I was straight out of the womb and put into a pillowcase and left on the doorstep…where is my history? Where did I come from? Being a foundling, I’ve got nothing” Alley Lofthouse, foundling

Using increasingly popular DNA research to trace the origins of these foundling babies demonstrates perfectly the fascinating connections that can be made with DNA research. In doing so, Ariel and her team were able to give the show’s three foundlings Alley, Jamie and Karen, a previously unknown history and a sense of where they came from.

Long Lost Family presenters Davina McCall and Nicky Campbell return to present, with appearances from Ariel herself as well as DNA expert and colleague Julia Bell. Tune into ITV1 for ‘Long Lost Family Special: Born Without Trace’ on Monday 25th February at 9pm.

“Just when you thought Long Lost Family couldn’t get any more emotional, Nicky Campbell and Davina McCall are back to host this heart-breaking one-off special focusing on people who were abandoned as babies and are desperate to find out about their roots.” What’s On TV: *****

You can read the full ITV Press Release by clicking here – www.itv.com.