Long Lost Family: What Happened Next

Popular ITV1 show Long Lost Family has been pulling on the heart strings of viewers  for 6 seasons now, and is about to return for a 7th Season. However what happened after the years of searching have been brought to an end and the tearful reunions have taken place is a question many viewers wanted answered.


Long Lost Family: What Happened Next serves to fulfil that need as they revisit the people who were reunited in previous episodes thanks to Ariel and the team’s research. Stories like that of Ron and Christine, brother and sister who were separated in early childhood and reunited for the first time in 65 years by the LLF team. As The Guardian puts it in one review: “If that didn’t make you blub, then you’re a liar, or a robot, or both.” – To read the full Guardian article Click Here.

Long Lost Family returns to screens with series seven on Wednesday 26th July at 9pm. Previous episodes can be found on ITV hub (click link to open).