Long Lost Family

Ariel and her associates have undertaken all of the research to trace and make contact with missing family members for every series of ITV’s Long Lost Family. Ariel is excited to be working on the current Series 6 which started broadcasting in July 2016. Ariel’s contribution to the series is featured in a recent Daily Telegraph article. Long Lost Family, which is presented by Davina McCall and Nicky Campbell, swept the boards by winning a BAFTA [British Academy of Film and Television Arts] Television award, for best Feature. The Arquiva BAFTA 2014 presentation was held on Sunday 18th May 2014 at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane. Long Lost Family Series 2 previously won the prestigious Royal Television Society [RTS] Programme Awards for 2012 in the Popular Factual and Features category.
News Flash. Ariel has been the series search consultant and has undertaken the tracing work for an exciting new BBC One Series called The Gift. The Gift is a series that traces and reunites people who have shared an often important life changing experience. Made by Wall to Wall Television, who also make Who Do You Think You Are and Long Lost Family. Ariel is very pleased to have been able to work on this series. The first episode will be broadcast in the evening of Tuesday 10th February.
Long Lost Family 2017
Published in the Radio Times, 2-8 August Edition, pg 69, 4th August

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