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Ariel Bruce is a qualified and registered social worker who, since 1985, has worked for people who have been affected by adoption and wish to trace a birth relation. She also works for others who have become separated from a family member by circumstances such as divorce or emigration.

Based in London, Ariel Bruce carries out extensive work in England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales, as well as in many countries worldwide, including the USA and Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

Ariel not only undertakes to trace missing people but also is experienced in making contact with those found. Many traced people are initially shocked and may need as much support as the instigators of the search.

Although there can be no guarantee of success, most searches do result in tracing the person sought. On some occasions, searches also result in forging enduring new relationships.

Ariel Bruce handles each case individually, working in strict confidence with her client. Everything is conducted with the utmost discretion and with the greatest regard to confidentiality for both the client and the missing family members.

Of course, not every search is straightforward and some can take a frustratingly long time. It is possible that the missing person may feel that they do not want to be found. In a delicate situation like this, direct contact between the searcher and the person sought can be difficult. Acting as an intermediary, Ariel Bruce offers support both to her client and to the person being traced. Ariel Bruce regards this support as being of the utmost importance in ensuring that neither party feels exposed or intimidated by the situation. Ariel is always available to listen, whether or not the search is successful.

All of the ASA work is undertaken by Carolynne Bull (first picture below) and Glesni Evans (second picture below), while Ariel Bruce undertakes all of the search work for the team.

Missing Family Member search

Carolynne Bull has been registered as an Adoption Support Agency since 2006 and has been awarded as ‘Outstanding’ for her work by Ofsted. She is registered with Ofsted as an Adoption Support Agency (number 1234951).

Carolynne has experience of working with all three corners of the Adoption Triangle for the last 20 years, both as a Counsellor specialising in adoption issues and as an Intermediary.


Glesni Evans is an Adoption Support Agency registered with Care Inspectorate Wales (registration number: 12425223). Glesni supports people impacted by adoption with access to birth records, tracing and intermediary work. Glesni is a qualified social worker who has worked with children, adult and families for over 10 years. Glesni feels that it is important for people to be able to have the opportunity to know their origins and reunite with family members. 

Among those agencies and organisations which give out Ariel Bruce’s details are: local authorities, fostering and adoption teams, adoption agencies, adoption councillors and therapists, embassies and adoption resources throughout the world.

If you are an individual wanting to trace a missing family member, or an organisation asked to deal with such situations, and you feel that Ariel Bruce may be able to help, then please write, telephone or email.

When working with clients who live outside the UK, Ariel Bruce will stay in contact by telephone and email.

For an appointment to see Ariel Bruce, please complete the form on the contact page or send an email to the address above.

Registration Details

Social Work England Reg no. SW73369 (website)

For a copy of Ariel’s last – ‘Outstanding’ – Ofsted Adoption Support Agency Inspection Report, please click here. Please note: Ariel is not currently working as an ASA, and all of the ASA work is undertaken by Carolynne Bull.

Ariel Bruce is Director of Regent Wood Ltd. Company Registration No. 07700252. 6 Regent Square, London, WC1H 8HZ.


Regent Wood Limited ICO registration number: Z8569442